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Revenue follows audience(s)
Tom Ratkovich, Managing Partner, LEAP Media Solutions
At the Local Media Association's Innovation Conference in Denver last month, I had the pleasure of an early breakfast with Bob Gilbert, VP/Audience for Morris Publishing Group. Bob and his colleagues at MPG are undertaking some pretty visionary initiatives. The eggs were pretty good, but the most ingrained memory of that breakfast was a simple phrase Bob uttered, underscoring the company's philosophy, culture and business strategy: "Revenue follows audience."
Leveraging audience data to drive advertising revenue
Daniel Williams, CEO, LEAP Media Solutions
Newsmedia companies are discovering ways to leverage data and segmentation tools to drive not only audience growth and engagement, but to utilize these very same capabilities to support revenue growth through services provided on behalf of local advertisers.   But in order to effectively sell audience, the local sales force must be able to answer several key questions for its advertisers.
New benchmarking report reveals key audience insights
Daniel Williams, CEO, LEAP Media Solutions
A recent benchmarking report for LEAP Media Solutions clients reveals valuable insights into the composition of the audiences that are engaged with these media brands.   The data and reporting was generated from LEAP's audience database, which has been standardized for newsmedia clients and represents markets ranging from fewer than 5,000 subscribers to over 75,000 subscribers.
LEAP joins SNPA partnership to provide members with audience metrics
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SNPA has established strategic partnerships with five companies that will help its member newspapers cut costs, grow revenue and access essential benchmarking data.  The five companies are Guarantee Digital, LEAP Media Solutions, Southern Lithoplate, NRS Media and Office Depot/Office Max.


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