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This month's featured best practice: e-newsletter automation
In last month's newsletter we shared five tips for growing your email list.  E-newsletters have now firmly established themselves among consumers as the preferred method of receiving brand communications and summary-form content.   A recent blog post from Nieman Lab goes on to identify eight promising business models for email newsletters.

Recognizing this opportunity over two years ago, LEAP developed an RSS-based e-newsletter automation solution that is fully-integrated with our audience database and email platform.  Today, a number of our clients are using the system to efficiently deliver affinity content to specific audience segments, including:
  • Daily headlines (A.M and P.M. formats)
  • Breaking news alerts
  • Lifestyle newsletters (example shown here)
  • Food & Dining weekly newsletters
  • Health & Wellness weekly newsletters
  • Local business weekly newsletters
  • e-Replica daily notifications
  • Daily Obituary daily listings
In addition to the obvious engagement benefits presented by these content e-newsletters, LEAP clients are successfully selling sponsored ad positions at premium CPMs to local businesses.   Daily headline and affinity newsletters routinely generate open rates of 25-40%, with article-level click-through rates of 3-9% on average.  Social sharing features further extend the audience reach of this content.

Although the e-newsletter design, formatting and layout is automated by virtue of the RSS delivered from the publisher's content management system, LEAP has incorporated an optional "approval" button for any local editor who wants to confirm the newsletter content and advertising messages are appropriate.  

For additional information or to schedule a brief demo on LEAP's e-Newsletter automation system, please contact Danielle Beausoleil at
Borrell: "Advertisers are fed up with media companies who dispatch idiots to their doorstops"

Gordon Borrell has one prediction for 2017 (LinkedIn blog: "time to bring in the adults"): media companies that plan to survive will focus their entire organizations around sales.  His point is that a "highly synchronized" sales team is the engine that keeps the business running - and that there is no tolerance and no excuse for anything less.

Our take:  Who are we to argue with Gordon?  We might just frame this a little differently. There is no doubt that better trained, highly skilled individuals will contribute to improved results.  But they also must be better equipped.  That is, they must have tools in their toolbox that enable them to use their intellect, their training and a consultative approach to better serve the customer development needs of the advertisers.  If the media company truly desires to collaborate with the merchant community to solve the challenges of marketing optimization, they must not only invest in the people but in the platforms and processes that enable data-optimized, channel-integrated solutions.  Those are investments too few are making.

"Consolidation" could be an essential piece of the industry puzzle

In his recent blog discussing the breakdown in discussions between Gannett and tronc, Ken Doctor astutely implies that industry consolidation may be a critical contributor to industry survival.  The benefits associated with scale, standardization, process optimization and implementation of best practices are compelling.

At LEAP, we absolutely agree.  In fact, we've built a business model on this concept.  No, we are not buying up newspapers - but we have embraced another approach to consolidation.  Rather than consolidating "ownership" which, we have seen in the Gannett/tronc episode, can be extremely problematic, LEAP enables "functional" consolidation.  By consolidating the the database, campaign management and marketing execution functions of a coalition of unrelated or independent media companies, LEAP delivers the economies of scale and optimized performance in audience growth, engagement and monetization that ownership consolidation is intended to generate.  Actually, even better.

To learn how your company can derive the intended benefits of consolidation without an ownership change, please contact Tom Ratkovich at

LEAP Sponsors LMA Digital Innovation Awards

The Local Media Association recently announced a local media contest that recognizes the best digital innovation in the industry.  LEAP is pleased to participate as a sponsor of the awards.

There are 14 award categories.  Specifically, LEAP is sponsoring the "Best Strategy to Grow Digital Audience Award" - so we are hopeful that aour clients community will participate.  There is no cost to submit an entry.

Winners will be announced in late January / early February and will receive their awards at LMA's Digital Revenue Summit this spring (exact dates coming soon).  The summit will take on a new format where contest winners will share their award-winning strategies.  For more details, please visit the LMA contest page.

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